I recently shifted to Delhi after having lived in Mumbai for ~2 years. The concept of what home is something all of us struggle with, and this comic was made as I was building up my new life in Delhi – a collection of ideas or things that you associate with home. The thought that … More Home


Inspirations: A midnight tea session with a friend ‘Importance of Living’ by Lin Yutang Sufjan Steven’s album ‘Planetarium’ Wabi Sabi


The text of the comic is a bunch of quotes by Anais Nin (whose another quote I had made into a comic as well), William Blake, and Huxley that I put together. I happened to read Huxley’s “Doors of Perception” a while back, and it is one of the most influential books I have ever come … More Perception

On Growth

I took this quote by Anais Nin that I came across on Facebook and modified it to the comic above. PS. I enjoyed drawing the stars.