Wabi Sabi

wabi sabi

I am not much of a YouTuber, but over the last few months I have really gotten hooked on a few channels. In particular, School of Life, Nerwriter1, and Wisecrack are three incredible channels which I would recommend anyone to get into.

A while back, a video on ‘Wabi Sabi’ by School of Life popped up on my recommendation. Having an interest in all things Japanese, I decided to give it a shot, and it turned out to be one of the best videos I have ever seen. The concept resonated so much with me, and I was delighted to find that there exists a philosophy that puts into structure and words the scattered thoughts in my mind. That I was deeply influenced by this would be an understatement.

Please watch the video, which does a great job at explaining this beautiful philosophy.


I decided to make a comic out of this, and it seemed so perfect for me because my drawing itself is not perfect in any way, and in its imperfectness, it embodies everything that Wabi Sabi stands for. Also, this was the first comic I made on my Moleskine Notebook, using an excellent set of pigma micron pens by Sakura (which incidentally means cherry blossoms!) , both of which I have been using for making comics/doodles ever since.

Also, this comic remains my favorite creation till date.

I am going to recommend another excellent video by School of Life, which again has been so influential for me.



2 thoughts on “Wabi Sabi

  1. I noticed this first in 1982 when behind our home on Sado Island there was a coin on a gravestone that had been there so long that a small crater had become etched in the stone.

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